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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Boughton's Coffee House

Boughton`s Coffee House is about so much more than coffee.

We work with the industry to promote innovations, share stories and developments, but also with those just starting out, giving them all the benefits of the years of experience shared by the key players who are at the heart of the world of coffee. We aim to have a national appeal, so whether you`ve got a cafe in the heart of Crieff or a roastery in the trendy Northern Quarter of Manchester, we aim to work with and bring together a cafe community with a shared passion and interest in the retail coffee, tea and speciality drink trades.

Through partnerships with events and strategic marketing campaigns we are spreading the word of Boughton`s Coffee House. Why not get in touch to see how you could get involved?


Tel: 0151 632 3232

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