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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Cambond Ltd

Cambond make materials from biomass and waste or by products.
Plastics are indispensable for modern life. However, they are oil based and generate millions of tonnes of CO2. There is global concern over the impact of plastics on the environment. Cambond has developed a plant based (DDGS) resin that can be combined with polymers and biomass fibres to make Camposite© an environmentally superior alternative to plastics.
Manufacturers of plastic products struggle to be more environmentally acceptable because of 3 main problems:
1) Cost - alternatives are more expensive than the materials they replace.
2) Supply - alternatives have limited supplies inhibiting large scale change.
3) Technology - alternatives often require changes to manufacturing processes (higher melt temperatures, longer cooling cycles, slow ejection times) that add to costs.
Camposite© provides a solution. The resin component contains protein and fats which improve the technical qualities for manufacturing. They are plant based (>50%) and so enjoy the commercial advantage of a lower cost feedstock. Scale up of supply is feasible as biomass by-products from agriculture are available all over the world in very large quantities.

As a series of demonstrator projects Cambond has:
- Produced re-cyclable coffee cups made from a used coffee ground/polymer
- Manufactured furniture from board made from used disposable (paper/plastic coffee
Camposite© could replace plastics in existing manufacturing processes to make a wide range of products. Camposite© could be manufactured and supplied to manufacturers for LESS than the cost of their current virgin plastics.

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