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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Green Coffee Lab

Green Coffee Lab is a CBD infused coffee shop, restaurant and night time bar and restaurant.


We found our gap in the market, coffees and teas infused with the health and wellness of CBD and hemp. Sustainable, delicious and most importantly the ideal way to start your day.
It`s the perfect place to meet with friends and your way through our premium coffees, teas, beers and ciders. Come night time, the bar area comes alive with live music, comedy and themed events. Whether you`re planning a staycation, a party or a leisurely weekend lunch with friends, get in touch - Green Coffee Lab delivers an unforgettable experience.

Green Coffee Lab has a jam packed social calendar, with events on nearly every week to keep you entertained. From golden comedy nights, through to live music sets from the hottest local talent. You can even test your brain power with our in house quiz nights. Throughout the day, we also offer an array of Industry leading events and `ted` talks from the pillars of the UK hemp industry. So keep an eye out for our exclusive invite only events.

Tel: 01206 482009

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