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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Mallow and Marsh

We want everyone to discover how delicious marshmallow really is.

It started when Harriot was bet she wouldn`t be able to make marshmallow in her kitchen at home. After a long night of whisking she made her first batch. She was surprised at how much gooier and tastier they were than the ones she could buy in the shops.

If Harriot could make decent marshmallow in a night, could she make really good ones with a bit more time? That`s when the fascination with the possibilities of marshmallow began, and the seed of Mallow & Marsh was sown.

From this, we won a pitch for a placement in a supermarket and an appearance on Dragons` Den crashed our website - which was a blessing in disguise, because we simply couldn`t keep up with the demand.

We worked hard. We got things wrong. We put them right. Now we are a company of passionate marshmallow makers creating treats that people love.

Tel: +447584414947

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