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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Near srl

Near SRL was founded in February 2016 in Bergamo, Italy. We are a young dynamic team and our strength relies on our ability to update from the latest tech trends.

We offer a Contextual Mobile Engagement Software Platform to service our clients and enable them to bridge offline and online interactions between users and brands to anticipate what they may want.
Our clients, after the integration of our proprietary SDK in their mobile app, can use NearIT to send Contextual Engaging Content to profiled users, while gaining data on how they interact.

For a proactive and accurate mobile strategy, the campaigns are created by utilizing informations shared in-app by end-users, by integrating data from third party platforms and by generating additional data based on user location within our fully scalable platform.
NearIT leverages tech such as; Geofencing, BLE Beacons, Push Notifications, WiFi, Digital Signage, Couponing System and Telemetry, but is completely open to many new technology integrations for profiling end-users, creating new content or finding new triggers to reach them.

75% of people say they are more likely to engage with a brand that personalizes communication with them, based on their previous interactions, profile and moment.
There is a big push, from marketing professionals from all organization sizes, to close the gap between offline behavior of app users in the physical world and online multi platform behavior. Users appreciate being identified and having only relevant content reaching them.
Organizations also capitalize on utilizing a tool that generates new data and that is open for integration with their current and growing technology needs, to outreach their users when there is a higher probability of conversion rates; the right time window and location.

The value proposition of NearIT is to provide a powerful yet simple contextual tool as a service within mobile apps to enable clients to reach end-users with engaging content that motivates them to take action based on their preferences and location.

We leverage on the market growth of mobile users and growing interest from clients in reaching their mobile audience more effectively. On NearIT clients create, manage and analyze mobile campaigns, which we call `recipes` composed of 3 main ingredients: Who, What and Trigger.
Users are reached directly on their mobile devices indoors or outdoors and NearIT generates valuable data based on end-user profile and in realation to geolocation.

Tel: +39 035 5785136

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