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19 & 20 NOV 2019




PeddleSMART plan to release their new range of zero-carbon emission vehicles which is set to disrupt the food delivery market in Q1 2020. The urban range utilises bus & cycle lanes and pedestrian areas assisting with the reduction of pollution, congestion and operational costs within our towns and cities and leading to cleaner, quieter, safer and healthier environments for our communities.

Vehicles attending Expo:

• Urban50 – Set to support the high-growth food home delivery sector. Has either heating or refrigeration as standard.
• Urban200R – Vehicle has a storage capacity of 200kg (1000Litres) & is refrigerated.
• Urban100 – An agile utility vehicle used to transport tools and freight.
• UrbanMedia – Vehicle features include Wireless Connectivity, Digital Advertising, Real-time media messaging and security tools.

Vehicles will benefit from:
• Weather Protection surround
• Electric Assist
• Access to cycle & bus lanes and pedestrian areas
• Inter-changeable trailers for people carrying, freight, maintenance
• Lower operational cost
• No licence, Tax, MOT or fuel costs
• Full service & maintenance cover
• A smaller turning circle of alternative fossil-fuelled vehicles (circa 30%)
• Narrow, flexible design for agility in pedestrian areas
• Weight capacity (200kg, 350Kg & 500kg)
• Fully zero-carbon

Our vehicle range is set to drastically change the way we travel, creating a new type of transport, changing people’s lives across the UK and internationally. With the help of our partners at Scottish Enterprise, Energy Savings Trust, Catapult and North Lanarkshire Council we will make a real difference operationally, environmentally and in our communities.

Our zero-carbon home food delivery vehicles are being introduced to the market in Q1 2020. We wanted to offer attendees of the Restaurant and Takeaway Expo the exclusive opportunity to book a test ride at the event and have the opportunity to adopt the vehicles before the market.

Tel: 01698 638738

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