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Perfect Moose

Perfect Moose is the first foaming machine that allows you - completely hands-free - to transform the beverage of your choice into the perfect microfoam. Thanks to smart technology, Perfect Moose automatically recognizes the type and amount of milk you are dosing, and then foams it to microfoam of true barista quality.

A Perfect Moose device always works in combination with Smart Moose pitchers: 1 pitcher for dairy, 1 pitcher for vegetable milk and 1 pitcher for (chocolate) mixes. As you probably know, no less than 80% of the served coffees consist of milk coffees such as cappuccino, latte, flat white, latte macchiato ... Manual foaming requires know-how and time. Trained staff too. With Perfect Moose you give the experienced barista an extra pair of hands, but the untrained student can also easily and qualitatively make micro foam. An investment in quality, a real saving on costs and time.

Health is also an increasingly important theme. Alternative milks such as soy milk, goat milk, oat milk ... get their permanent place on the market and offer new opportunities for coffee. With Perfect Moose you can froth a different type of milk per jug. Perfect Moose likes to set the quality layer high and Perfect Moose was developed in collaboration with experienced baristas and coffee connoisseurs.

Perfect Moose is intended for professional use: coffee bars and coffee chains but also every business that deals with coffee specialty. You can think of independent baristas, food trucks, hotels, eventing agencies but also the better bakery with a quality coffee corner for example. The Perfect Moose is currently only available in Europe but they are working hard to make it available worldwide.

There are currently 2 versions available:
• Perfect Moose Jack, which is a stand-alone version with boiler that works completely independently.
• Perfect Moose Greg, which is a foamer without a boiler that you connect to a suitable, existing espresso machine.

The operation of both machines is the same there is only a difference in the price. Both are available in black or white, always with matching jugs (50cl white for dairy, 50cl green for vegetable drinks, 50cl black for chocolate mixes), extra smart pitchers can be ordered and are also available in 35cl and 75cl. The Perfect Moose only works with pitchers supplied by Perfect Moose.

How does it work?
Perfect Moose always works as a combination of a Moose device and a Moose pitcher / jug. An RFID tag is placed on the bottom of each pitcher. This gives the start signal to the appliance to automatically start foaming. Foaming is done according to the rules of art, depending on what you want to foam up. For this reason, 3 categories of pitchers are also available.
Soy milk, for example, will need a different `foaming recipe` than cow`s milk. If you opt for a mix of milk and chocolate, other temperatures will apply here. During the stretching of the milk or other liquid, the steam pipe imitates subtle barista movements and creates a vortex movement in the milk, just like the professional barista.

Why Perfect Moose?
The great advantage of Perfect Moose is the flexibility and freedom for the barista / coffee shop. Because you choose which drink you are going to froth, you can also easily vary in your coffee menu, work out signature drinks, buy local milk (you do not have to buy milk from the supplier of the appliance) ... Other benefits are also
• real barista quality
• no maintenance
• hands-free operation, no complicated menus
• does not take up much space

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