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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Tea-Volution – How Tea is About to Make a Come Back

“4 out of 5 operators state high quality customer experience as ‘very important’ in the success of their business over the next 12 months” – The Tetley Tea Report 2018

In an ever changing world, you cannot afford to be behind the competition. We are about to go on a journey through the tea landscape, where you will learn how you can evolve your consumers experience with tea to drive sales and acquire new life-long customers.

Whilst coffee sales have been on the rise, sales of black tea have been on a slight decline. The simple reason that coffee has seen such growth, aside from its obvious appeal, is that there is an abundance in choice. Coffee drinkers in the UK enjoy the different choices which were developed in Europe and popularised in the USA, making it easier to find a product more personalised to them.

According to The Tetley Tea Report 2018, just 15% of consumers expect to drink more black tea than they did a year ago, however the fruit, herbal and green teas have seen a significant growth in popularity and this trend is set to continue.

It is also estimated that out of the 51 million tea drinkers in the UK, 34% of these do not drink tea when outside of their home, presenting an opportuni-tea for the foodservice industry to convert these valuable customers. 

“Even with the uncertainty that Brexit has created, 76% of business leaders surveyed in the foodservice industry cite performance as in-line or above expectations.”

People aged 18-34 are more likely to eat out at least once per week, more than any other age group. This presents an opportunity to engage with these new potential customers and convert them in to life-long customers. But how do you engage with them?

With an average of 62% of tea sales including other items, acquiring customers who drink tea can be very rewarding due to their tendency to order food items as well. A great way to improve your tea offering is to introduce your own House Special’s. Offering your own house blends can be an extremely effective way of creating new interest in your business, as well becoming established for your selection of tea. 

Why not help revive a British staple – Afternoon Tea.

With some of the top hotels and restaurants in the UK offering some amazing and quirky takes on the classic Afternoon Tea, why not create your own take on it? There is now an abundance of tea flavours and blends to choose from, which makes finding a tea flavour to match your unique Afternoon Tea menu ever easier. 

What made the Afternoon Tea so popular was the theatre, the spectacle, the performance! We all love it when the fine china and the best silver platters come out, it makes us feel special. A few simple changes can have a big impact on your business! For example, our range of Teawares are perfect to add that extra bit of showmanship to your offerings, and add an extra layer of visual appeal to the experience you provide.

The new wave of millennials with their flashy phones and their Instagram accounts don’t just want to taste your products, they want an experience which is engaging and captivating. Making the simple switch to offering Loose Leaf Tea can add to the experience, by involving the consumer in the process and allowing them to add their own touch.

To find out more about how you can add transform your tea offering and provide an amazing customer experience, come and find us at the event at stand 1252. We will be offering a fully dedicated service for local cafés, coffee shops and tea rooms including; free consultancy, tea & equipment supply, tea menu curation & implementation, “House Blend” curation & implementation, digital and social media marketing & management and a “Go Eco-Friendly” service. 

Vanilla Chef Ltd are specialist tea suppliers and consultants, on a mission to help local independent businesses improve the quality of their products, service and customer experience. With access to the finest quality tea, an amazing range of teawares and accessories to add that extra bit of theatre, and a host of dedicated services to be launched at the exhibition, Vanilla Chef can help you provide a Quali-Tea experience. Visit our website at or send us an email at for more information.

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