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19 & 20 NOV 2019


What's Next For NFC?

From a restaurant owner's perspective, NFC opens the way to a number of benefits, including reduced waiting times for customers, simplified transactions, improved customer analytics, and enhancing the ability to make real-time decisions regarding the running of your restaurant.

But what other benefits are there?

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment systems have become more and more common in restaurants and other hospitality spaces. A recent study from Juniper Research found  the NFC retail payments market is set to surpass $180 billion globally by 2017, with North America, western Europe, and the Far East making up 90% of the market value. Research also found that more than one in four mobile device users in these geographic regions will pay fir items with NFC-equipped device by 2017.

Customer Reviews

The very latest contactless devices provide restaurant owners with the ability to affix NFC tags to its shop windows and entrances, along with guests receipt folders, to encourage mobile users to wither post or read online reviews, customer ratings, or locate other customer content.

Loyalty Schemes

NFC helps businesses boost their relationships with their customers through providing the ability to efficiently distribute and redeem relevant mobile coupons and promotions, streamlined social media integration, and real time data collection.