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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Costa Opens UK's First 'Zero Energy' Coffee Shop

A environmentally-friendly building design and packed with innovative energy saving tech, Costa's Eco Pod is the UK's first ‘zero energy’ coffee shop.

‘Zero energy’ is achieved through the building's passive ventilation and cutting edge construction techniques, meaning the energy required to heat and cool the building is minimised and that the low degree of energy required for building temperature control comes from solar PV cells embedded in its specially curved roof, balancing out overall.

The design of the building and its features deliver the new coffee shop's ‘zero energy’ score. All operating equipment, including espresso machines, grills, and dishwashers, are all powered in the conventional way.

The Costa Eco Pod was formally opened on the 27th of May by Mayor of Telford Councillor Leon Murray in a ceremony attended by Costa's development partners and sustainability experts, marking the success of the Eco Pod’s environmental performance, which saved 54% of the energy used in a ‘conventional’ unit in its first month of trading.



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