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19 & 20 NOV 2019


We Make Ice Cream out of Sunshine!

"Florida Eis" and "Koenig Ludwig Glace Royale" are Germany’s first ice creams, that are produced CO2-free within our traditional Berlin manufacture since 1927. The Owners Mrs. Simone Gürgen & Mr.Olaf Höhn are dedicated to the use of efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in the entire field of the production and processing of the ice cream.

There are many quality factors in the manufacture of ice cream products. The air plays a decisive role in this. If this is too generous, as with many industrially produced ice creams, one speaks of a cold "sugar-air-foam-mixture", which resembles more to a cool foam kiss. If the air content, like in our Florida ice cream, is about 10%, you get a delicious creamy ice cream.

Fresh ingredients are a matter of course and the use of fresh Vanilla – scraped by hand from the pods – is only a highlight. Our pastry cook, roast and lets chocolate melt. Fruit, nuts, chocolate chips and nougat sauce are processed with high quality standards. 

Our Florida Sorbets are processes with a high percentage of fruit and without any artificial flavoring.

As it is guaranteed to be lactose and gluten free, our Sorbets can be equally enjoyed by people with or without allergies.

Of course, the best and most selected ingredients – not only from regional products, but many from France, the country of gourmets – are among our basic recipes. The vanilla pod from Tahiti, the coconut flakes from Madagascar and not to forget, the lemons from Sicily. The list can be much longer, but not only the ingredients, but also the manufacturing process, is a unique proposition on its own. Long-lasting stirring, no fast boiling, but gentle heating are also components that provide the quality.

After maturing and the freezing process, mixing with almonds, fruits or small caramel candies is 100 percent carried out by hand. 

These ingredients are freshly prepared by our cook every day.

We not only cook our fruit sauces and roast and caramelize our almonds ourselves, but also make every single piece of chocolate by hand. Our chocolate pieces are soft on your palate, nestled in the cool Florida ice cream.

Our UK Distribution is based in Southeast London and we supply our wide range of ice creams and Sorbets to Whole and Retail chains, Restaurants, Hotels and Coffee shops. 

We have 200ml, 500ml and 4750ml tubs for the take home, scoop or dessert industry.

We also offer White labeling opportunities for your business. 

Our success is also reflected in our many awards…

Please find out more about our gourmet ice creams and us on our brochures:

"Florida Eis" -  Berlin Ice Cream Manufacturers Since 1927

"König Ludwig Glace Royale" - The Royal Ice Cream Experience (not only) for Kings and Queens.

Recipes and assortment were inspired by the recipe book of King Ludwig II, who reigned the Kingdom of Bavaria in the 19th century.


Florida Eis (Distribution UK & Ireland) / (coming on 16/06/2017) (10/06/2017)

PHONE: 020801917172