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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Liquidline Makes Coolest Coffee Trend Available to Businesses

Liquidline are giving businesses the chance to take advantage of this summer’s biggest coffee trend with the new plug-and-play cold brew coffee dispenser: Brew’d.

The leading commercial coffee machine supplier has unveiled this premium compact cold brew coffee dispenser, designed to offer velvety soft, creamy cold brew coffee infused with Nitrogen that’s refreshing and packs a genuine caffeine punch.

The concept of nitro coffee has been around for the last five years, but is only now beginning to receive universal attention as a credible alternative to a traditional cup of coffee. In essence, nitro coffee is cold brew coffee infused with Nitrogen gas. The outcome? A unique cup of coffee that sees the nitrogen infusion eliminate any sour flavours and minimise acidity, resulting in a smooth, rich cup of chilled coffee with a luxurious chocolate and caramel aftertaste that requires no added sugar.

Nitro iced coffee is also an incredibly appealing drink to the eye. Many individuals liken its extra smooth, darkened appearance to Guinness as it is also poured from a look-a-like beer tap, cascading down into the glass with sheer style and elegance, just like a perfectly-poured pint of stout. However, even though it’s got a similar texture to Guinness, nitro coffee has just 16 calories per cup and zero grams of sugar.

The Brew’d cold brew coffee dispenser is Liquidline’s newest commercial coffee machine and is available to all restaurants, hotels and bars seeking a compact and consistent cold brew coffee maker with deliciously indulgent results from the first to the last pour. The countertop unit plugs directly into a standard 13amp socket and does not need to be connected to a water supply or a fridge; allowing businesses to place their Brew’d machine exactly where they want it.

There’s no requirement for separate nitrogen gas canisters either, as the Brew’d system draws in nitrogen from the air. The Brew’d is also highly cost-effective for cafes, bars and restaurants as the high oxygen barrier foil bags keep the speciality grade single origin coffee fresh and preserved for up to three months at ambient temperatures. A typical 15 litre cold brew bag in box can dispense 75 cups of 200ml nitro coffee. Serving cold brew coffee with a Brew’d dispenser is also faster than the time it takes to brew a hot cup of coffee – ideal for the hectic summer lunchtime rush.

Those who rely on a regular source of caffeine to get them through the day will also be intrigued to know that just a single glass of nitro coffee dispensed from a Brew’d machine is equivalent to more than two cans of leading energy drinks. It’s little wonder that so many people not only enjoy the flavour and experience that comes with drinking nitro coffee, but the serious caffeine kick too.

For businesses looking to other something different to a regular iced coffee for their customers, the Brew’d and its coffee beans steeped in cold water for 20 hours are guaranteed to tempt the taste buds.

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