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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Bakeries are Joining the Starbucks Brand

The first high-end bakery will be opened by Starbucks in their Starbucks Reserve Roastery establishment in Seattle. Bakeries will also open in Shanghai, then Milan, New York, Tokyo and Chicago.

Starbucks confirmed last year that it was taking a stake in the Princi business, which will  help the company expand and drum up more business during other peak times of the day, such as lunch or dinner. The new Princi bakery and cafe’s menu will include Italian style sandwiches, breads and other baked goods. 

Sarah Trilling, senior vice president for Starbucks said that the company sees lunch time as their “biggest opportunity” to earn more revenue. 

After the official opening of the Princi bakery in the Shanghai roastery in December, the next bakery/cafe will not officially open until late 2018. It is also unsure whether Starbucks will open Princi bakeries and cafes outside their roastery locations. 

This is a big milestone for the brand as this will be the first time Starbucks have ever had fresh baked goods in one of their locations since its opening 45 years ago. At the moment Starbucks only sells sandwiches and baked goods that are made outside of its stores. 

The Seattle store’s menu will have more than 100 different choices; this includes croissants and rolls in the morning, followed by salads and sandwiches at lunchtime. Many of these new products will be made using locally sourced produce.