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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Futuristic Coffee Mug Hits The Market

The Ember Ceramic Mug - designed by Ammunition - can keep its contents heated to as high as 145 degrees Fahrenheit once connected to the drinker’s mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Once the beverage reaches the exact temperature set by the user, the cup is able to maintain it for two hours - at which point the mug will go into ‘sleep mode’ unless kept moving.

The cutting-edge tech that makes up the innovative cup sits beneath a doubled-walled stainless steel and ceramic casing; with four sensors relaying the required temperature to a microprocessor located in the bottom of the mug.

The cup - which is charged by placing it on top of the product’s conductive coaster - joins the temperature-controlled travel flask in Ember’s range of smart drinks solutions.

Retailing for $149.95 and available on both Ember’s website and in Starbucks stores, hundreds of thousands of mugs are expected to be sold during its first 12 months.

Ember CEO, Clay Alexander, says the trick to successfully integrating technology into existing products lies in keeping the experience of using the original product as close as possible.

To do this, Ammunition and Ember have ensured that their smart coffee cup looks, feels, sounds and weighs just like a regular ceramic mug.

Matt Rolandson, a partner at Ammunition, added: “It’s all about using technology and design to meet the expectations of the user; and that means not introducing the technology to be disruptive, but using it to add to and improve the original experience in some way.”

Image: Ember