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Open Ear partners with Shazam to allow customers to take away music playlists in venues

Open Ear, a leading music agency for brands, has partnered with Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, to give customers the power to take home playlists from their favourite restaurants and bars at the touch of a button.

Founded by DJ/Producer Brian d’Souza in 2007, Open Ear helps hospitality brands to en-gage their customers and define their cultural identity by creating bespoke in-store music experiences that can be controlled in real time.

And as part of Open Ear’s 10th anniversary celebrations, Open Ear and Shazam’s partner-ship will expand on the popularity of Shazam’s ability to identity individual songs, instead allowing customers the ability to discover entire playlists. Using the new Shazam code tech-nology, customers can gain a more engaging insight into each venues musical story and get the venue playlist sent directly to their inbox, acting as a powerful music discovery tool.

“For a long time now our bar, restaurant and retail clients have been asking how they can help their customers get their hands on the playlists they hear and love”, says Brian. “Work-ing directly with Shazam allows this to happen for the first time. We can offer the public a much richer music discovery experience, and finally give businesses the chance to properly promote the music that they play.”

The partnership launches in November 2017 with notable venues including Marcus Samu-elsson’s acclaimed Red Rooster restaurant and Masterchef winner and owner of Wahaca restaurant Group, Thomasina Mier’s DF/Mexico brand amongst others. 

Jon Davies, Director of Music Partnerships at Shazam: “We’re really excited to work with Open Ear Music. We already know our users are Shazaming the fantastic music they curate for their partners, and we’re pleased to give these users the chance to unlock additional playlist content with Shazam Codes.”

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