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19 & 20 NOV 2019



A Micro-Roasting Revolution

U-Roast is an innovative company, which believe that the freshest coffee should be readily available on the market to everyone.

Some think that fresh means freshly brewed and obviously freshly brewed coffee is better than coffee that’s been sitting for hours, but it’s not fresh coffee. Like other food, that has a short shelf life, coffee is also one of them and the best time to consume coffee is between 11 hours and 7 days from roasting. Therefore, U-Roast decided to revolutionise the coffee industry with bespoke micro coffee roasters, for use in cafes, restaurants and shops. 

While Marco and Ilirjan, Co-Founders of U-Roast, “thought at the beginning that U-Roast was the perfect tool for the trendy ‘hipster’ coffee shop”, the company now works not only with independent outlets but also chains, which roast and distribute coffee to their other stores. 

D’nisi Coffee in Alloa recently had their U-Roast micro coffee roaster installed. Nikki, supervisor at D’nisi Alloa, not only roasts fresh coffee for the local customers, but roasts, packs and distributes coffee daily to the other D’nisi branches in central Scotland.

“It gives us the edge, now we’re completely unique”

“It’s important to have more experience with the coffee palette. People don’t realise what’s out there and how much is out there” 

U-Roast now supplies their micro-roaster, and coffee beans from eight countries, including Colombia, Yemen and India, to a number of outlets across the UK, with a large focus on sustainability. A key factor of U-Roast’s strategy is recycling. To help reduce plastic bag wastage, they supply jute bags that you can use to carry and store your coffee beans and clients are encouraged to use the bags to supply refills of coffee beans to their customers. 

Additionally, U-Roast give away their coffee chaff to our customers for free to help some discourage the growth of unwanted plants, deter those insects away and perhaps provide the incentive to grow something beneficial.

It’s been an exciting year for U-Roast, since launching in January 2017, working with diverse clients across the UK, sponsoring national hospitality   awards and attending exciting industry events. 

If you’d like to know more about coffee roasting and how to become a leader in the every changing coffee market, please don’t hestitate to contact Ilirjan at U-Roast. 

U-Roast Coffee

+44 75771 96870

Facebook: @uroastcoffee

Twitter: @uroastcoffee

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