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19 & 20 NOV 2019



How About Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Ever dreamed of having breakfast at Tiffany’s? Well now you can! Shoppers on Fifth Avenue can enjoy breakfast and lunch at the famous New York City jewellery store, popularised by the movie title released 56 years ago. 

The new cafe was opened by the luxury jeweller Tiffany’s & Co and is a part of their renovation of their Manhattan flagship store. 

The scene in the 1961 film where Holly Golightly - played by actress Audrey Hepburn - snacks on a pastry while admiring a shop window on Fifth Avenue is what inspired the jewellery company to design the Blue Box Cafe. However, unlike Holly, shoppers can now enjoy their breakfast inside the shop! 

The cafe is located four floors above the street, overlooks the wondrous views of Central Park, and will serve American style food. 

A representative for Tiffany’s & Co released a statement saying: "The setting is as welcoming as the food is inspiring. We cannot wait to make our customers’ dreams of having Breakfast at Tiffany's come true”. 

The company’s signature robin’s egg blue adorns the room, whilst the floor is decorated with some additions of the Tiffany’s new home accessories collection, including a $1,000 tin can made of sterling silver. Diamonds, chrome figurines and expensive house wares embellished the walls of the cafe.

Breakfast and lunch cost $29 and $39, and are made up of two courses each. If you want to get a table, you have to get there fast, as the cafe operates on a first come, first served basis; on opening day, the cafe was fully booked.  

“It’s a must,” said Terry Beasley from Pennsylvania; who along with two other friends travelled to New York for the day in order to try their "Tiffany Tea" and "White Wedding Tea" after shopping for bracelets in Tiffany's store.

"It was an unforgettable moment, and we have created an everlasting memory here in the city. Not everybody can say they've had breakfast at Tiffany's,” Terry added. 

Though Terry was satisfied with the experience, Terry's friend, Jayne Paris, wished the design of the cafe featured more aspects of the original movie. 

"Where was George Peppard?" she asked.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is based on the Truman Capote novella about a country girl who moves to New York and joins high society.

The film received much critical acclaim; it won best original song at the 1961 Academy Awards for "Moon River, and Audrey Hepburn was also nominated for best actress. The film was added to the US National Film Registry at the Library of Congress in 2012.

Image Source: Tiffany's & Co