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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Coffee Giant to Give Customers a Taste of AR

American coffee company Starbucks has added augmented reality to its largest coffee shop in Shanghai, China.

The AR app - designed in partnership with e-commerce firm, Alibaba - will allow customers at the lavish coffeehouse to take a tour of the supersized reserve roastery using their smartphone.

The experience has been launched following a successful 12-month trial by Starbucks; with the firm now reportedly experimenting with the possibility of adding virtual reality content that would allow customers to ‘travel to’ coffee farms around the world.

To interact with the AR content on offer at the Shanghai shop, visitors can simply point their phone or tablet at equipment situated around the roastery - such as the roaster or cask - to bring to life an explanation of what happens as the coffee beans are turned into Starbucks’ delicious beverages.

Customers are prompted to download the AR app as soon as they enter the building. Those who complete the tour are then rewarded with virtual badges, as well as a unique ‘roastery filter’ to use on Snapchat pictures.

China is now the fastest-growing market for Starbucks, with more than 10 new Starbucks stores opening in the country each week.

Image Source: Starbucks