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19 & 20 NOV 2019



The Five Coffee Innovations to Look Out for in 2019

Now International Coffee Day has been and gone, let’s take a quick look at the latest coffee innovations set to revolutionise the future of the coffee industry. 

Selfie Coffees 

Selfie addicts can now have their photos printed onto their coffee; bringing a whole new meaning to the term “latte art”. This new printer allows images to be printed on any surface of latte, cappuccino, milkshake, cupcake, cookies, chocolate and even ice cream! The printer takes just 27 seconds to print a photo and uses a combination of six different edible inks. 

Cups Made out of Coffee

Reusable cups can now be made out of used coffee grounds! A local company in Berlin collects leftover coffee grounds from local cafes across the city and combine them with wood particles from natural sources and natural glues to produce a liquid. This liquid can then be injection moulded to create functional objects, such as coffee cups. Once the cup is fully set, the material is hard and waterproof; it can even be cleaned in a dishwasher.

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Coffee That Sends You to Sleep 

Counting Sheep Coffee has been created by a Canadian start-up. Their unique coffee blend - currently only available in the US and Canada - is decaffeinated and mixed with a herbal sedative, organic valerian root; resulting in a special blend which - the company claims - helps consumers de-stress, relax and unwind.  

Coffee on Tap

Imagine being able to create a variety of coffee drinks made from freshly ground coffee beans through an app-enabled hot tap? Well now you can! With its built-in brewer, the tap allows users to personalise their coffee; they can control the number of shots their coffee has, as well as the type of milk. The tap can brew a nice cup of coffee in just 15 seconds, has the smallest milk foamer on the planet in its tip, and the whole thing is controlled by a smartphone app. 

The WiFi Coffee Machine

The new Smarter Coffee Maker has been created by the makers of the world’s first WiFi kettle. The grind-and-brew coffee machine is app-enabled and can make custom-made hot drinks to match the consumer’s specific tastes, including the temperature, strength and even cup size. Consumers can add settings to the machine to ensure it makes them a coffee at a time they desire. After the coffee is made, an alarm is sent to the consumer’s phone to tell them that their coffee is ready. 

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Last updated: 15/05/2019