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19 & 20 NOV 2019



NEW DIAMANT | Smarter, stronger, better

Expobar introduces its brand new premium espresso coffee machine that perfectly balances the state of the art technology and the finest espresso tradition. 

The new Diamant is a second to none professional coffee machine which meets the highest barista standards together with the requirements of the very demanding coffee drinking market. 

The New Diamant is now more elegant than ever before. Its strong aluminium body, combined with clean lines and high-class design elements provides not only a truly impressive appearance, but also high-performance features which bring more value to your business while maintaining a superior in-cup quality. 

-  New group touchpads with OLED displays & a 3.5’’ TFT main display

-  Pulse & Flush steam levers

-  Re designed cup warmer

-  Bigger cup holders and branded manometer

Reinforced hydraulic system

The tried and tested Expobar hydraulic system has been improved to function even better than before. Thanks to an intensive investigation of the temperature stability, the New Diamant PID technology features an improved insulation and pipe work, which regulates a constant extraction temperature to perform a supreme in-cup coffee quality. In addition to this, the hot water tap can be adjusted to a specific level.


What really makes the New Diamant stand out is its Crem TechTM e-System, an innovative electronic platform which efficiently controls all functions through an easy-to-use group touchpad and a main TFT display.

-  Group keypads + OLED displays: Each group is equipped with a dedicated keypad to easily change between the traditional or the barista operation modes, while the OLED displays let you know important info about the extraction time, temperature and dosage.

-  Hot water keypad, to adjust the dose of hot water.

-  Main display: 3.5’’ TFT touch screen with a smart and friendly UI, which controls and informs you about group over-use, the group cleaning, and extra functions of the SmartSteam, among others. The display also shows three levels of user settings: user/barista, technical and factory.


The new Diamant introduces an automatic steamer solution with an integrated temperature probe together with a reinforced wand coating, this decreases the external temperature by more than 20º C. Additionally, this polymer based material brings a superior anti-adherence, helping the wand cleaning.

Furthermore, our SmartSteam wand design allows you to easily change the nozzle between the standard (faster) and the barista one (slightly slower, but performing a premium quality foam).

Cem TechTM SmartSteam functionality:

-  Double function lever for easier & faster flushing

-  Adjustable temperature & foaming levels through the main TFT display

-  Auto cleaning system: adjustable in secs per rinse and time from last use

Barista Optimization

As per Expobar standards, when developing the New Diamant, we have kept in mind to meet the challenging barista needs, so we have incorporated specific functions and features such as:

-  Steam levers: ergonomic pulse & auto handle

-  Barista lights 

-  Bigger cup holders

-  Barista mode: each group can be operated independently on this mode, where recipes can be selected easily by using the group touchpad.