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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Newly launched: A Hot’n’Cold drinks dispenser!

BeviLaNatura Hot’n’Cold: The brand new, touchscreen operated, internet connected post-mix hot and cold drinks dispenser

The Natura Hot’n’Cold by BeviLaNatura was launched at Hotelympia at the beginning of March this year to critical acclaim. Dispensing coffee, iced coffee, 4 types of hot teas, iced teas, hot water, juices and chilled water it really is a total drinks solution. It provides clean, quick, easy, no mess drinks delivery with no coffee grounds in sight.

Brimming with Internet of Things technologies

Apart from having both hot and cold drinks, it is surprising just how many Internet of Things technologies have been compacted into this machine. Real time data collection and transmission over the internet means that the machine’s settings can be managed remotely via an internet portal. Advanced telemetry is used to collect and publish a wide range of data. Technical measurements of what is going on inside the machine such as voltage, pressure, temperature and more are all available. With such high levels of management and monitoring available, even remotely managing multiple sites becomes much easier as does technical support. Engineers can diagnose remotely and potentially also problem solve remotely. If they do have to go to site they can check and ensure they have the right tools and spare parts for the job.

Makes life easier for managers and staff

Using the interactive touchscreen you can regulate drink temperature, modify drink strength and set serving size for cups, glasses or jugs. Real-time operational status is easy to view as is available product remaining with Bag-in-Boxes designed for rapid changeovers.

 ‘I just can’t believe how quick and easy this machine is to operate.’ One Hotelympia visitor was heard to say. ‘The coffee just comes out straight away and with no preparation beforehand and no grounds to clean up afterwards it’s going to save my staff loads of time – and it tastes good!’

Actually fun tor customers to use with videos, advertising and mobile-app-enabled payment

‘I love the Tetris mini video!’

The touchscreen is surprisingly entertaining. When you’ve decided whether you want a hot or a cold drink you then choose from 3 options from a total range including coffee, 4 types of hot teas, hot water, juices, iced teas, and iced coffee plus chilled water. Bespoke videos and adverts can be displayed on the touchscreen and you can personalise the exterior of the machine with customised graphics.

It’s compact, low maintenance, high throughput and quite easy to envisage used self-service in a hotel or office canteen for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or at a conference or event, a bar or coffee shop.

In a vending environment, the machine can be configured to accept mobile-app-enabled payments.

Frankly, you can tell this is Italian

The whole system is extremely well designed and it has a definitely ‘Italian’ elegance to it. BeviLaNatura is the brainchild of one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of water coolers with nearly 90 years’ experience providing chilled still and sparkling water. All their design and manufacturing is done in Italy with a sales office in the UK. Products available at: