Robert Pocius, President, TekPak Solutions

Robert has been involved in the Packaging / Printing industry for over 35 years. He has always believed in giving the customer a solution that is “Fit For Use” rather than that which could make him the most profit. This honesty in dealing with people has led to many recommendations and customers who have remained loyal for over 25 years.

TekPak Solutions has spent 12 years developing new Patent Pending versions of plastic packaging that will degrade safely and quickly, anywhere there are microbes in 1/100 to 1/1000 of the time it takes regular plastics. These Omnidegradable ® plastics leave behind, water, CO 2 and a trace of organic biomass, all of which are beneficial to plant growth or as fish food. The safety and efficacy of these plastics have been proven by independent lab tests and major university studies. TekPak has the only technology that is shelf-stable indefinitely and requires only microbes to degrade, virtually anywhere. Our goal is to expand the use of our technology around the world and reduce the amount of plastics in our oceans and landfills.

TekPak’s Omnidegradable ® packaging can replace 100% of the materials used in the flexible and rigid packaging markets worldwide. Our newest development is the "Omni-Cup TM". It replaces the billions of K-Cups currently clogging up waste facilities and composters.

If the 260 million tons of plastics, currently contaminating our Oceans, was originally made with our technology, it would have biodegraded within a few short years. We can stop the proliferation of another 8 million tons of plastic from adding to the problem each year by raising public awareness and forcing governments and plastics producers to get on board now. The solution is available now

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#NOBRAINER…the only viable option

Omnidegradable packaging technology for TOTALLY environmentally-friendly waste. Breaks down into bio-mass, CO2 and water