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19 & 20 OCT 2022


1881 Distillery

Gin Made in the Scottish Borders

Our story begins in 1881, when Peebles Hydro, in the Scottish Borders opened its doors inviting city dwellers to escape to the country and `take the waters`. In other words to indulge in trendy treatments of the time.

From that day to this, water is at the heart of Peebles Hydro. The source of our natural spring water supply then and now, is Shieldgreen in the hills just behind us. So it really is from Spring to Spirit.

Whilst we continue to welcome guests, our story now moves on to a new chapter featuring our water - and we can think of no better ingredient for the 1881 Gin range.

`Let`s open a gin distillery`, said Patrick our General Manager - so we did.

Two years planning, a few different locations choices and some huge learning curves along the way. We`re open for business.

Our location is in the hotel in what was originally the swimming pool - it`s that water connection again.
We worked with Jamie Baxter from Craft Distilling Services to develop a fantastic range. And Felicity (Patrick`s daughter) our beautiful 150L Arnold Holstein copper pot still produces the goods.

1881 Hydro Gin
London Dry
70cl, 20cl 40% abv

A classic London Dry. We use 12 botanicals perfectly blended with our Shieldgreen water - how local is that!

Will remind you of a walk in the forested hills of the Borders, with hawthorn, birch and fir backing an initial hit of fresh, piney juniper, with grapefruit citrus and aromatic cardamom.

A long, smooth, citric finish with bay leaf and subtle a earthiness from our local botanicals.

To serve:
A large measure of 1881 Hydro Gin with a wedge of pink grapefruit and a splash of premium tonic

1881 Pavilion Gin
Peebles Pink
70cl, 20cl 40% abv

It`s game, set and match to this classic gin.
Made with 12 botanicals and the added loveliness of local red berries and a touch of hibiscus blended with our natural spring water.  

Our little Pavilion in the gardens is a reminder of days gone by when Peebles Hydro was a hub for Scottish tennis.

Silky red fruits are backed by juniper, spice and citrus. Fresh raspberries and strawberries are complemented by hibiscus, cardamom and grains of paradise. Creamy and citric.

To serve:
Fresh raspberries and mint compliment a large measure of 1881 Pavilion Gin with premium or elderflower tonic

1881 Rafters Gin
Subtly Smoked
70cl, 20cl 40% abv

This is a nod to when the original Peebles Hydro suffered a fire in 1905. The Hydro we know today opened in 1907 and you can still find some of the original building around the hotel.
This is a wee bit different, we`ve blended our 12 lovely botanicals then added a little something extra resulting in this subtly smoked taste. The smoky flavours bring a rich warming note to the gin.
Subtle but distinct sweet oak smoke, followed by our signature profile of juniper, cardamom and grapefruit. There`s a lengthy finish of warm citrus and wisps of smoke.
To serve:
Sip neat, over ice, or in a G&T with a wedge of lime and a slice of chili pepper.

1881 Honours Gin
Navy Strength
70cl, 20cl 57% abv
It`s strong but so very smooth and an award winner too!
Peebles Hydro served as a military hospital during both World Wars, our Honours gin is a nod to all who served in the forces during that time.
Navy Strength is bottled at 57% abv which allows more of the lighter spicier notes to come through with cardamom, ginger and dry citrus to the fore.
Juniper and grapefruit are in abundance with a peppery, woody backing supplied by birch bark and angelica root.
Robust pine flavours with pronounced spice, and grapefruit character
To serve:
A splash of angostura bitters and tonic let this navy strength gin`s character shine - garnish with orange peel.

1881 Tiffin Gin
70cl, 20cl 45% abv

Made with 13 botanicals including cumin, cardamom and kaffir lime leaves. 1881 Tiffin Gin is highly aromatic and reminiscent of spices used in Indian cooking.
At 45%, it`s warming and hearty, spicy and playful, the cumin and ginger play with the juniper and cardamom.

To serve -
Choose from a splash of ginger, tonic or bitter lemon and garnished with lime. Absolutely delicious alongside an Indian meal.

1881 Gift packs
4 x 20cl, 4 x 5cl

Variety multipack - Hydro Gin London Dry, Pavilion Pink, Rafters Subtly Smoked and Honours Navy Strength.

1881 Gin school -
If you are ever passing by, pop in for a visit and look around the school. You might even enjoy a stay and make your very own unique gin. It might be your next brand on shelves.
Our lovely shiny, copper mini stills await your creative input.
Do contact us if you fancy it.

Tel: 07701 362536

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