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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Arkadia Beverages UK

Arkadia Chai is Australia's favourite, now available in the UK, alongside their cafe indulgence range of Matcha and Tumeric Lattes and a delicious range of hot chocolate. Perfect for introducing a little Australia cafe culture into your business.

At the heart of Arkadia lies the story of a family. It`s a story of passion, inspiration and above all, a driving vision to craft premium beverages that excite the senses and create an experience of indulgent pleasure.

Born out of Melbourne`s famous café culture, our Arkadia story begins in St Kilda in 1997 when Greg, Anna and their two sons Roman and Jack create a delicious drinking chocolate for their local café. Over the following years, that success leads to the development of a wide range of drinking chocolates, chai teas, frappes and syrups that continues to win devoted fans in cafes, restaurants and homes around Australia and the world.

Even now that original vision still drives our Arkadia family. Our purpose-built manufacturing facility and a dedication to continuous innovation and the development of new products has kept Arkadia at the forefront of modern café culture and built a name and a reputation synonymous with that feeling of relaxed indulgence.

Whatever your taste, we trust you`ll enjoy your Arkadia moment as much as we`ve enjoyed bringing it to you.

Tel: 01986 873410

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