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COFE is a coffee-centric marketplace app conceptualized in Kuwait and developed in Silicon Valley for coffee communities around the world. A state-of-the-art coffee marketplace app that gives quick access to a wide range of independent and franchise COFE vendors through multiple premium service options. The mobile application was beta launched in February 2018 in Kuwait, with plans to expand to 10 markets by 2022 including Riyadh (KSA), Dubai (UAE) and London (UK).

With the intention of digitizing the coffee market place, technology and simplicity are at the very heart of COFE App. From user interface, and loading time to images and video capabilities; every tech addition made to the app is done to enhance the user experience at every touch point.

A lifestyle application COFE App intends to become a part of their users` life. The app adds ease and convenience to people`s daily caffeine rituals, enhancing their coffee experience while helping them save time and effort.

The services designed by COFE App, are done keeping in mind the customer. They help our app users save time and effort, by reducing the distance between them and their daily coffee. Each service was created to address our users` specific needs, all the while focusing on an enhanced in-store experience. COFE App services are not designed to take the customer away from the COFE Vendor, but instead to add convenience and speed to the ordering process.

The premium services provided by the app include:
Get COFE at Counter: customers can place their order, customize it and pay through the app. Jumping straight to the pick up counter at the coffee shop.
Get COFE to Office: Through this service customers can order their coffee from the coffee shops in and around their office tower through the app and have it delivered right at their desk.
Get COFE to Car: COFE App users can order their beverage through the app and have it brought to their car.
Get COFE to Classroom: This service was custom designed for vendors located in universities across Kuwait. Students can place their orders through the app, and have it brought to thier classrooms.
Get COFE to Hospital: Designed for both staff and patients at the hospitals, this service allows you to order your coffee through the app and have it brought to your ward or office in the hospital.
Get COFE to Departure Gate: A first in the GCC, this service allows travelers to have their coffee delivered to them right at their departure gate at Kuwait International Airport.
Delivery: This service allows users to get COFE delivered to any address of their choosing.

Customizable COFE Rewards Program: Keeping in mind the customers, COFE App also created the region`s only customizable COFE Rewards Program. In this program, COFE Shops present on the app can offer their customers discounts on their daily orders, free drinks, free food items and free delivery based on their own customized version of the Reward Program. A multi-tiered program, users fall under one of the 4 bands i.e Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, where in the higher you climb in the tiers, the more benefits you can avail. The reward program on the app is brand based, which means that the more you order from a specific brand the more benefits you get from them.

Customized Inventory & Service: While COFE App works on the principle of customer first, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to our vendors, giving them access to a robust online platform that helps them further their customer reach and engagement. Each vendor has a highly customizable shop front, where they can customize their menu, services and inventory for each store, instead of having a blanket access. A feature that is unique to COFE App. The COFE Rewards Program also helps COFE Shops give-back to their regular customers enhancing brand loyalty.

Customizable Promotions: Yet another innovative feature of the app is the customizable promotions option. Here each brand can highlight their promotional activities to attract more audiences. Placed prominently on the home page of the app, the tab currently promoted the KFH Golden COFE Contest, a weekly cash prize draw for COFE App users. Customers of the participating brands win $1000 weekly simply by ordering through COFE App. This promotion is made available to the brands through sponsorship from Kuwait Finance House.

COFE App has in a short period of time has been able to win the trust and support of both international franchise as well as local artisanal coffee vendors. Our vendors include:
International Franchise: Caribou Coffee, Costa Coffee, Second Cup, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Nespresso, McCafe
Artisanal Coffee Shops: CAF, Toby`s Estate, Alpha, Dose, 20 Grams, Pause by More Kitchen, Otsuki, Jumo Coffee Roasters, Sadu

Since its inception, COFE App has been greatly appreciated by consumers in Kuwait and has received region wide attention from investors as well as media. In 2017, the company was chosen among the most promising 100 Arab Start Ups by The Arab Youth Centre in Dubai, UAE. The event was held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs. In 2018, COFE App was listed by Forbes (ME) as one of the top 50 startups in the Arab World to Watch, becoming the only Kuwait based brand to make it to the list. And in 2019, COFE App Founder & CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim was received the Arabian Business Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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