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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Dalgety Teas: Successful producer of high-quality strong tasting teas. The ingredients (many of them organic) used to produce Dalgety teas are sourced from small farmers.

Dalgety creates over 500 jobs to small farmers across the world.

Dalgety Teas Features:

Exotic & Strong:
Our customers enjoy the exotic and strong flavours from our teas. One teabag can make up to two tea cups.

Wide Range (over 25 varieties):
In order to suit everyone's taste, we've created a wide range of herbal teas. This makes us a flexible tea brand.

Natural & Vibrant:
We use 100% natural ingredients. Our teas stand out with unique packaging, and vibrant colours.

Tel: +44(0)2086812437

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