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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Davina Steel

The Only commercial Gluten Free bakery in East Anglia now has its doors open and is producing a range of baked bread goods, such as single portion focaccia rolls, in three flavours - garlic & rosemary, onion and plain. Try the onion with cheese or even a good quality GF sausage. The crostini snacks come in three flavours also, garlic & rosemary, salt & pepper and lemon and cracked black pepper, perfect for dipping..Our cantuccini will amaze you - Gluten Free - you just wont believe it. Gingerbread folk and occasions, tasting and looking incredible.
On the development table are Pizzas, just like you would expect in Naples the home of Pizza.
Were an imaginative, resourceful and hard working bunch of people who want you to share what is the very best gluten free bread and bread based products in the world.

Tel: 01787274350

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