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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Disposable Green

If you are passionate about sustainability and offering renewable, biodegradable products to your customers, then our Disposable Green® Products are right for you.

Disposable Green® products are 100% Biodegradable and Home Compostable - meaning they can naturally compost at home or in the landfill. Home composting helps mitigate the impact of waste on the environment, and it increases your soils nutrients.
Good for you and the planet.

Disposable Green® have an exponential range of sustainably sourced Areca Palm leaf tableware, made out of naturally fallen leaves of Areca Palm trees with about 27 different types of products making it an ideal solution to replace single use plastic tableware. Even better, these products can be used in microwave, oven and refrigerator.

Other than Areca leaf range, Disposable Green® also supply bagasse tableware that is 100% natural (non-bleached) and chemical-free, unlike the products other suppliers are selling across the UK which are bleached and blended with non-recyclable pulp and other materials. These line up of products provide super strong and sturdy tableware and are about 1.6 x heavier than others on the market.

A most Unique offering in Disposable Green® product range is the `From Nature Back to Nature` Coconut Leaf Straws. Made from naturally fallen coconut leaves, these straws are nicely hand rolled in a unique character straw. They are made in most sustainable way and do not contain any chemicals or additives. While doing no harm to environment they also provide help the rural economy in palm rich-growing countries. An ideal solution to replace the paper and PLA straws with its ability to NOT get soggy for up to 8 hours and they cause no harm to ocean.

Most recent addition to our catalogue is, NEXTGEN takeaways. This is the most exiting and first of a kind range in the UK, NEXTGEN products are made from UNIQUE paperboard with AQUEOUS LINING INSIDE which allows the products to completely compost in the backyard or landfill within 24weeks. The products are fully re-pulpable and re-cyclable without any additional processes involved. Unlike PLA lining takeaways which can only be industrially composted, and PE which is not even compostable. They strongly believe that their NEXTGEN Coffee Cups are the true sustainable solution for single use coffee cups. The range also includes Takeaway boxes, Ice-cream and soup bowls. Keeping with their promise of 100% Home compostable offerings, they can confirm that these products have achieved one of the first OK HOME COMPOST TUV AUSTRIA Certification.

So whether you`re an up and coming street food stall, a well-established wedding caterer or an independent coffee shop, we can help you serve food in sustainable style. And help you capture a new audience of eco-conscious consumers.

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