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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Digital ID T/A Essentra Security

Our Edikio solution overcomes food labelling challenges, printing on-demand in a matter of seconds.

At stand E330, the Essentra Security team will demonstrate how the Edikio Price Tag labelling solution offers coffee shops, food and beverage outlets, caterers and retail businesses a hygienic price tag printing solution that guarantees a professional, fresh look to match store quality and boost brand image.

The Food Standards Agency & Food Labelling

The FSA`s recent recommendations for strict new rules on food labelling (which include highlighting the 14 major allergens in all foods) was no surprise to anyone. Food allergy sufferers should feel confident that ingredient information is clear when purchasing food. Missing information such as ingredients or allergens is no longer acceptable.

Essentra Security`s Edikio Price Tag Labelling solution can help retailers to overcome common challenges they face in food labelling to print on demand in a matter of seconds. The simple and user-friendly Edikio solution can easily be integrated into existing pricing systems for complete control of labelling, printing fast and effortlessly. The PVC card labels comply with food safety regulations, are resistant to hot/cold temperatures, are easy to clean and are simple to customise with all key information such as ingredients and allergens as well as pricing, weights and branding.

Hygienic & Durable

Hand-written price tags can appear unprofessional and going one step further to laminate hand-written cards for extra durability is neither hygienic nor efficient. The Edikio plastic card printing system creates and prints durable, easy-to-clean price tags within seconds to a standard that complies with all food labelling standards

Branding & Aesthetics

In addition to saving time and respecting hygiene rules, Edikio solutions offer the opportunity to rethink price tags as true marketing tools: a harmonised display, clearly legible and aesthetically pleasing to reflect a professional shop front/food display.

Products on Display

Essentra Security is an authorised distributor of the Evolis Edikio Price Tag Labelling Solution. On display will be the Edikio Access single-sided label printer, The Edikio Flex long-format printer and the Edikio Duplex printer for automatic double-sided printing.

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