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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Ethical Addictions Coffee Roasters

What do we do that makes us different?

We have a lot to say about this and you`ll find a lot of it around this site, but anything you don`t find but want to know - just ask!

We don`t hide behind labels and slogans but invite you to be a part of what we`re doing. Engage in the process, join our journey, but also ask us hard questions to hold us accountable to what we say we`re doing. ?

What do we do different? In short, we buy direct from the farm returning a much larger proportion of the price to the people who do the work to produce our great coffee. It fulfills two key beliefs we hold that ethical business does not have to compromise on quality, and doesn`t have to be significantly more expensive for the consumer. It does however mean harder work for us and sticking to our principles.

Orera Village is located on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The villagers have been selling their coffee to Ethical Addictions since 2010. In these short interviews the villagers explain the difference that working with EA has made to their lives.

Tel: 01452 280026

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