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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Flowplan | Intelligent Filter Management

Flowplan offers a complete plug-n-play IoT solution for remotely monitoring water consumption specifically for water filters in HORECA and office. We measure all water consumption and process and visualize the data in order to reduce filter waste, driving costs and avoid scale-buildup.

The solution consists of both hardware and software

- Flowplan Flowmeter comes in two versions: 3/4" and 3/8` for easy installation on all types of equipment.
- Flowplan Beam is our electronics box that collects, processes and transmits all data generated from the flowmeters - in realtime!
The Beam lasts up to 5 years on a single battery and requires no WiFi or power supply.
We have developed the Beam with the user in mind, and allow the easiest connection in the world - you simply plug the flowmeter in and it automatically connects to the dedicated IoT networks - fully encrypted.

The Flowplan Backoffice is where all your installations and data is visualized on an easy-to-understand dashboard, in order for you to quickly get a status of all your equipment and filters. The dashboard also includes a map, so you can easily plan your upcoming service visits in the smartest way possible.
All usage data from each machine can be seen on the platform in order for you to utilize all the data. The platform offers several user types including client logins, technicians and administrators.

Tel: +45 4411 0800

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