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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Gateway and Partners Ltd

Balozi Coffee™ and green coffee beans form our main offer to both consumers and corporate clients.
Gateway and Partners Ltd Business Model is unique and innovative combining conventional trading with social enterprise programmes facilitated by the Mukao Foundation.
The Conventional trading comprises dealing in green coffee beans as well as processed coffee under the Balozi Coffee™ label.
Holding Coffee Dealer`s License from the Coffee Directorate of Kenya enabling sourcing directly from farmers, cooperatives, commercial estates as well as the exchanges of origin and fulfilling contractual obligations where they exist or placing direct on the global market through our ecommerce marketplace we open up new opportunities for producers increasing their earnings and at the other end increasing availability of stock on the global pool.
The above is not only applicable to Kenya but in other markets through direct licensing, partnerships and corporates using our ecommerce market place. The stock we deal in is graded and verified to ascertain authenticity and compliance to the specification of origin.
The Balozi Coffee™ label (Balozi meaning Ambassador in Swahili) is processed from the highest quality beans for freshness, aroma and taste. At Gateway and Partners, we endeavour to make our Balozi Coffee Blends available and accessible to a wide spectrum of consumers through distinct grades that are a delight to our clients namely Exclusive Blend, Premium Blend and Luxury Blend.
We strongly believe that the farmers who are the pillars of the coffee trade need support and empowerment. Our Mukao Foundation supports farmers through direct training in all stages of the coffee from planting to harvesting which we shall achieve by networking and collaboration with other partners as well as benefiting directly from our trade activities.
Our client base in dealing with us and patronising our services and products are in effect contributing directly into the welfare and quality of life millions of farming communities in developing nations.

Tel: + 44 (0) 7850 129986

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