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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Kella Distillers Limited

Family run, innovative distillery, established for over 40 years in the Isle of Man. Crafting exceptional spirits in exceptional ways.

You came to IDE looking for new and interesting products. If you`re looking for new spirit drinks, come and have a chat with Becki or Andi on stand D22; you won't be disappointed.

Enhancing the flavour and appearance of aged spirits takes imagination.

Kella Distillers based in the IOM have been the home to innovative distilling techniques for over 20 years. We have developed our range to include ManX distilled from pure malt whisky; and Bifrost distilled from exquisite Cognac. In doing so we have created a category of spirit drink unlike any other: Manx Spirit.

We are looking for a distributor who can fulfil our logistics from individual mail order bottles to supplying bars and chains, as well as businesses who recognise that new products need nurturing if they are to gain a foothold in a highly competitive and crowded marketplace.
Until now, we have been happy to supply a limited number of outlets and with the recent improvements to our production capacities, we feel now is the time to explore new territories.

We are a family-owned and operated distillery; our focus is and always has been on producing quality drinks that we enjoy and know that others will too.

Tel: 01624897777

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