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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


OiL Chef

OiL Chef device doubles the life of your frying oil, improves food quality and significantly reduces your environmental impact. This eco-friendly accessory for your deep fryers, not only enables you to yield more food per liter of oil, it will help you achieve this yield, quicker, at a lower temperature and reduce fryer labor!

OiL Chef is the most trusted eco-friendly brand you will ever need. Using OiL Chef in your fryer(s) will benefit the environment, your profits, and your customers.

How so? Using less oil uses less plastic drums/containers, shipping, haulage, and less energy and therefore fewer carbon emissions.

Reducing your annual oil purchases and reducing your energy consumption helps improve profits.

Using OiL Chef in your fryers enables your food to be crispier and your food will absorb less oil. Less oil content in fried food is a reduction in calories, so healthier french fries, fish, etc. Less oil in the food increases the flavor profile and your customers will have a superior culinary sensory experience, tasting more of the food you are selling and less of the oil it is being cooked in.

Also, food cooked in Oil which has OiL Chef, will tend you have an increase in shelf life, our technology absorbs oxygen at a molecular level and when your food is removed from the fryer, the food is crispier and retains its crispy texture for a longer period of time, which is great for busy restaurants and foodservice deliveries.

More than 90% of our clients claim that when cooking a variety of different foods in the same fryer pot, they have found ZERO FLAVOR TRANSFER onto the foods.

Visit our booth and ask how we will reduce your carbon impact and reduce your cost of food.

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