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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Ozarka B.V.

Ozarka offers reusable and returnable on-the-go food containers. In our circular model, we substitute single-use containers with ours which are reusable and return-for-deposit. We replace hundreds of single-use containers with one of our a single boxes. Our goal is to bring an end to single-use plastic pollution world wide. We're starting in Europe with convenience food packaging. Our brand is intensely customer-experience focused. The strategy is to offer as minimal a shift from every day habits in order to make those habits sustainable. Otherwise, if we are asking for a change in consumer behavior, we ensure that change is delightful, easy, and meaningful to the consumer. With these two approaches, we will be the first to significantly scale our circular approach.

As long as the packaging material meets our functional and sustainability requirements, we are agnostic to the types of packaging materials we will introduce to the market. This ensures that we will always be the industry leader in sustainable, circular prepared-food packaging solutions.

Tel: +31619242089

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