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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Phi Group International Ltd (Strawbar)

Phi Group International Ltd is the UK division of Phi Group GmbH which is an independent distiller of original spirits, based in Florina, northern Greece. Our first products are Strawbar Origin and Strawbar Platinum both distilled from organic strawberries in a classic eau de vie style.

Strawbar is produced from single-origin strawberries sourced in Greece, that is gently pressed, the pulp is fermented and strained before being distilled in copper column stills to create a clear, clean spirit with a huge personality that belies the soft, fruity finish on the pallet. We only use hand-picked strawberries in our spirits and nothing else!

Strawbar is a new exciting spirit, the first of its kind to be introduced to the market. Best enjoyed in cocktails, as part of a drinks flight with food… or, sip it on its own to taste the true nature of a 100% Strawberry Eau de Vie.

Strawbar Origin is double distilled and is 40% ABV and our triple distilled spirit, Strawbar Platinum, is 45% ABV.

Tel: 07866407657

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