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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Silver Mountain 999 LTD

Silver Mountain is the first official importer of Thai roasted coffee into the UK market.

From 20 years of passion and experience in coffee trading through the owner's family business in Thailand, Silver mountain is proud to present well-selected coffee beans as the basis of authentic Thai coffee. Two types of coffee are produced in Thailand, namely, Arabica in the north and Robusta in the south.
The coffee industry in Thailand is a government-sponsored programme that attempts to reduce the poverty of people in northern and southern Thailand. Thus, some of our profit returns to support local farmers in Thailand which motivates them to control the quality of the coffee beans. The quality of coffee that is produced today by those local farmers has made Thailand one of the leading countries for coffee production in Asia. Now, we are ready to deliver the authentic taste of Thai (roasted) style coffee to all coffee lovers in the UK.
Silver Mountain Drip Coffee Bags use Thai ground coffee which you are able to smell the aroma of stronger than other instant coffee and no machine is required to make coffee from the bag (convenient to make without needing a coffee machine). Our product offers a chance for everyone to become a coffee expert with simple instructions. "Just pour hot water into the bag", which means you can enjoy the excellent cup of coffee anywhere and anytime with less effort and time needed. It also has a lower caffeine level than Espresso!. If you are a coffee lover, you can carry this product when you are away from home to make sure that you still have a perfect cup of coffee anywhere you go. This product is also suitable for hotels, offices and travel.
"Imagine how easy your life will be if you can make a good cup of Americano in less than 4 mins !"

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