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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


SoL Cups

We`re SoLful - For the fun loving, passionate and emotional.

We`re for those who live with their hearts on their sleeves. We care about more than just having fun, we want to protect our world and the people in it too. We`re passionate about creating a better, more positive world, one cup at a time. Leading the way in sustainable design doesn`t mean we take ourselves too seriously though, life`s too short for that.

Our mission is to end single-use plastics, as well as decrease the need for plastic production all together. We have been expanding our range to include reusable straws and carry totes, waterproof pouches and are continuing to develop innovative plastic-free solutions to everyday products.

We are passionate about supporting community projects which goals reflect ours, as well as help to educate our community about the problems we face due to plastic production, and the easy things we can do to decrease our individual plastic footprint.

Tel: +447494262555

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