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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Sustainable Kitchen

Helping kitchen teams be more Sustainable both environmentally, & financially.

Our services help restaurants increase revenue, by attracting more paying customers, and reduce their operating costs, all whilst helping the environment.

We are a team of experienced chefs who are experts in plant-based and allergen-friendly cooking, supported by an extensive network of sustainable partners and suppliers.

We start with working with businesses to be more sustainable in the kitchen; helping to create exciting plant-led, planet-friendly dishes, so that they can welcome more customers, regardless of their dietary needs (allergens) or lifestyle choices (vegan or vegetarian).

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to menu creation, and we love nothing more than to work in partnership with our clients to create exciting, inclusive menus, that help them stand out from their competitors, without losing sight of what makes them unique.

We can provide bespoke Training in plant-based and allergen-friendly cooking, to empower kitchen teams to create their own exciting and innovative dishes.

We are supported by a network of partners and suppliers who share our ethos, to help implement more sustainable practices across other aspects of the business.

Our Sustainability Assessments are designed to identify further opportunities to be more sustainable, including better food waste management. We review your current business practices and then recommend sustainable, environmentally aware suppliers who are doing their best to reduce their impact on the planet, whether they be suppliers of ingredients, packaging, energy, and more.

When all this is done, we can help you develop visually engaging campaigns to communicate with customers all the positive steps businesses are taking to be more sustainable, which promotes greater brand loyalty and helps win new customers.

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