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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments

Eco-conscious, multi-award-winning brand whose fresh take on quality loose leaf teas and herbal blends strikes the right balance between traditional and innovative. Our range provides the excellent tea selection required in modern hospitality. Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments for the curious gourmet.

Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments was founded in North West London by long-term partners Kriszti and Andras in early 2016. Andras owned and ran a tearoom since 2009, Kriszti fell in love with tea while working in China as an architect in 2012.

In 2018, Tea Shirt was awarded the Golden Fork for Small Artisan Producer of the Year by the Guild of Fine Food and our award-winning products landed on the shelves of Selfridges Foodhall.

While tea itself as a beverage may not sound original today, our message is unique: we promote focussing on one's own happiness rather than pushing popular tastes and appearances.

We do this in two ways. We help our customers finding their favourites by providing a bespoke, personalised selection of products, while providing our tea in zero-waste packaging, making it all a relaxing, guilt-free journey.

Every aspect of our company reflects on our values: besides striving to provide the best-tasting teas and to have the lowest possible impact on our environment, we hope to become a valuable business in our community by regularly donating to local charities.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for their continuous support.

Tel: 07474849512

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