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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


The Coffee Boss

The Coffee Boss comes to you with decades of experience and knowledge of Bean to Cup coffee machines and coffee blends.
At the Coffee Boss we are very proud of our coffee machines and blends. We are leading the industry with innovation and have been winning awards. Because we are confident in our products we offer a demonstration of our machines and a tasting of our blends anywhere in the UK.
We have solutions for both the free to use and pay for a cup coffee machines.

The Coffee Boss has teamed up with ECO Roast to deliver ethical, responsible and sustainable coffee blends and dispencing compostable coffee cups from our ultra low energy bean to cup machines to deliver the least enviromental impact for your coffee.

In partnership with Virtue, TheCoffeeboss has developed a CBD powder that can be mixed into hot drinks, without odour or taste. In fact you would not know it was in your cup.
Our CBD purity is created from an award winning crystallised ultra-high purity CBD isolate, with the world`s highest lab analysis of over 99.9%.​ We are proud of what we keep out of our CBD too and we never use GMO seeds.

Tel: 0800 6348402

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