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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Upper Coffees

UPPER COFFEES is more than speciality coffee!
We are Specialty Coffee and Coffee Tourism.

Specialty Coffee - Located in the mountains of Caparao and Matas de Minas - a region that is known for its unique and special coffees - this family-run business uses artisanal and naturally sustainable methods to produce their sensational coffees. And don`t take our word for it - the local Jacu birds, who are famous for their good taste in coffee beans, can`t get enough!
Nature and man work together in harmony to create the same great flavour in every cup.

Coffee Tourism- Coffee tourism? here`s how to reach the wolds best coffee.
Whether you`ve got a bustling coffee shop or just love to travel and see the wold`s most stunning places, these destinations are worth a visit the mountains of Caparao end Matas de Minas, based on sheer beauty and culture alone, and if you`re a coffee lovers, you`ll never find a better cup.

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Level UP your specialty coffee and join our epic adventure tours - YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Tel: 00447835141261

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