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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


VAReLase™ Cup Solutions, from DataLase

Discover VAReLase™ Cup customisation - a new way to engage with consumers!

VAReLase™ Cup Solutions is an innovative new technology that connects your brand with consumers - in store and at the touch of a button! VAReLase Cup uses DataLase Photonic Printing technology to customise hot drink packaging at the point of sale, enabling brands to create new and engaging marketing campaigns by inklessly adding messages and graphics to cups.

VAReLase Cup instant customisation will both delight your consumers and help to grow brand loyalty. If you are looking to increase the duration, relevance and impact of your marketing campaign; to increase loyalty by providing customised products and packaging to consumers; and find new ways to positively influence attitudes and behaviour towards sustainability - then VAReLase Cup Solutions is the answer.

The technologically advanced machine utilises DataLase`s core competency, laser-reactive colour-change pigment technology, meaning a unique inkless solution that requires little maintenance and servicing and is therefore ideally suited to the fast-paced quick service restaurant environment.

Although the technology behind the process is incredibly complex, the delivery is actually remarkably simple - the barista places the cup in the VAReLase Cup system and customised messages and graphics are inklessly printed directly onto the cup using the DataLase laser-reactive colour-change pigment technology.

Using customised packaging drives the value of marketing campaigns allowing
longer brand engagement over and above other channels

VAReLase Cup Solutions can:
• Build brand loyalty
• Create enhanced engagement opportunities
• Influence impulse buying behaviour or `next size up` product purchase
• Offer a unique in-store digital experience
• Drive consumer behaviour towards sustainability
• Communicate important product information such as allergen advice

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