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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Artisan Biscuits

Artisan Biscuits, the home of the Miller’s range of biscuits, crackers and toasts, started out as a small family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District over 100 years ago. The company and its artisan bakers still hold firm to the same traditional values and authenticity that they did back then. The dough is weighed, mixed and worked in the same old-fashioned way, and only proper, natural ingredients are used. Butter churned in England. Flour milled with no additives. West Country clotted cream. Everything is checked by eye, by smell and by taste. Before any biscuits, crackers or toasts leave the bakery, you can be sure they will have been checked and approved by over 15 different members of the production team.
Artisan Biscuits has grown quite a bit in its time and the Miller’s brand can now be found in 60 countries around the world.
The Short & Sweet range has proved popular thanks to its innovative recipe for classic shortbread. Each biscuit is made with the finest British butter for that classically rich shortbread taste, but the use of a combination of wheat and rice flour has created a far lighter, crunchier and more delicate texture.
The My Favourite Bear range is much loved by children and parents alike, for its vibrant and appealing packaging designs and entertaining bear-shaped biscuits, but also for the fact they are made with natural ingredients such as real fruit juice and fruit purée.
The Fine Cookie Co. is a range of soft and chewy cookies that has taken inspiration from the classic cookies of America. Made with lashings of indulgent and all-natural ingredients, each cookie flavour is a tribute to a classic piece of Americana and is enormously satisfying.
The newest product from Miller’s also pays homage to the United States, but this time in the form of classic US desserts. Miss American Pie is a range of ‘pocket-sized puddings’ or bite-sized biscuits made with Miller’s usual high quality ingredients, in the flavours of Strawberry Cheesecake, Mississippi Mud Pie, Boston Cream Pie and Key Lime Pie.

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