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A Little Bit of Technology Can Make a Big Difference To Your Business

Every business owner knows their employees are their biggest asset and a well-staffed restaurant can make or break the customer experience. A skeleton crew in the kitchen or on the restaurant floor can result in poor service, long waits for food and drink and a public sense of disorganisation. This could result in customers not returning to your restaurant and not recommending it to friends and family; a disaster in a very competitive market. With experts predicting that 35% of the global workforce will be made up by Millennials by 2020, now is definitely the time for food business owners to find ways to adapt employee management techniques in order to attract and retain staff.

There should be three aims when allocating staff for shifts:

1: Ensure you have the correct distribution of skills and qualities on each shift. 
2: Understand staff availability and maintain a balance of fairness when distributing quiet or busy periods
3: Make sure your employees are informed of their allocated shifts. 

It’s not easy and can be very time consuming.

A white-board or wall-planner are fine as a quick fix, but with these you are relying on your employees noting down their shifts accurately when they are on the premises. What if they write it down wrong, forget to check the chart or lose the piece of paper? When you have a fully booked restaurant the last thing you need is an employee failing to turn up and leaving you sort-staffed, putting additional pressure on the staff that are at work and affecting your customer experience.

This is where introducing technology can help your business thrive by giving you a more efficient system with far less room for error. If you’re not convinced it's worth the effort or cost of changing your process, read on, we will change your minds!

By using an online time and attendance package, employees can access their shift pattern from their phones or computers at any time and they can update their availability with ease. This type of system can synchronise with personal calendars, removing the risk of errors when logging shifts in diaries. With 26% of Millennials working 2 or more jobs, easy access to schedules and calendars syncing is surly an extremely useful tool to help ensure employees turn up at the right place of work on the right day and at the right time.

Employees can use an online tool to request absences and holidays, reducing the risk of paper-based requests getting lost. It's also quicker and easier for managers to action time-off requests using an online system with employees getting automatically notified that it has been approved. With 79% of Millennials wanting flexible working, being able to manage time of from their phones is going to be a big bonus.
With a single source of data for all your staff activities you will be able to report on behaviours and attendance, visualise staff utility and make accurate assessments of future requirements and perhaps even automated the dreaded timesheets. With 64% of Millennials wanting recognition for their achievements, if restaurant owners can analyses data easily and then feedback to staff and give them a virtual high five quickly through their work calendar tool, that must be a helpful addition to aid staff morale and retention.
Clocking-in systems can log active presence for locations with larger staff levels, making absence management super easy. These systems are also useful to highlight patterns of behaviour for staff reviews, rewards and incentives.
An additional bonus when using a digital time and attendance system is the ability to automate SMS reminders. Your staff need not miss a shift again, ensuring your establishment runs smoothly and efficiently while providing your customers with a wonderful experience from the moment they enter the premises through to paying the bill.
So, there you have it. What is not to love about a technology upgrade? It will free your time and make it so much easier for you and your employees to know what is going on. It is definitely time to think about saying goodbye to your white-board and hello to the tech revolution. 
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