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9 & 10 NOV 2021


A Smart Way to Increase Customer Engagement and Remain Relevant

Coffee is no longer a product, it is an experience and customers are looking for the best they can get within convenient reach.

To have excellent quality coffee and brewing methods is crucial for your coffee shop, however, these are not the only key factors to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

There will be a top-down stimuli processing happening inside customers minds when they decided it is time for coffee, generally triggered by a social or personal desire ("Good morning", "Let's meet and talk", "I need some time to think", "finally, I completed the project, it is time to relax" are examples of typical reasoning coffee lovers have which likely lead to a coffee moment). Customers will perceive such stimuli, decode it and decide upon where to get their coffee from prior even tasting the specialities you serve, and many more stimuli will continue to influence them during and after coffee which (if orchestrated properly) hopefully lead the customer to like, share and save your place into their wish list.

We firmly believe that delivering a great added value to their coffee moments will not only increase the chances of validating they chose wisely but will also lay a better foundation for being more receptive and allow them to indulge into their moment.

Improving customers experience whilst balancing retention of current customer base by remaining true to their needs makes attracting new customers even more difficult.

Innovation is without a doubt the key driver to help grow the coffee business. However, a great strategy is to innovate specifically on aspects customers are currently paying strong attention to.

Research shows customers are looking for new, warm and inviting experiences that make them feel part of a global community but still shows support for local producers who create honest high-quality products.

1 way to deliver innovation for customers

A smart way to thrive in this challenge is to offer customers the chance to match their favourite coffee with alternative add-ons from different regions around the globe, who share the same strong coffee culture as the UK.

A good example of this can be found in Latin America, home to some of the best coffee in the world and where the brew is also heavily embedded in the culture. Coffee consumption habits are intrinsically related with food, because "you need to line the stomach" for the brew; unless time is a constraint then you would go for a "Guayoyo" (wah-yoh-yoh), a diluted coffee shot in water and natural sugar cane juice (for some, with a hint of lemon juice and honey), light and smooth. 

Most ingredients from products traditionally consumed in this region and with coffee are familiar to the UK palate, such as wheat flour, bacon, ham and cheese. Familiar ingredients combined in new ways are far more likely to incentive customers to enjoy new experiences and indulge their senses into new flavours whilst still feeling comfortable when pleasing their curiosity.

Latin America's recipes utilise these ingredients to provide an alternative twist that will make you travel straight into the flavours of this continent whilst deliciously unlocking new ways of matching coffee notes and textures. 

For example, did you know there is a Latin version of the croissant? and for sausage rolls too? fried pastries do not match with coffee? think again. Heavy coffee consumer nations such like Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Venezuela have developed interesting options for UK coffee lovers to consider.

Stimulate your customers and help them get more from their coffee moments and in return they will keep coming back for more and recommend the experience to their dearest ones. In the end, it all brewed down to a pleasant feeling that is worth sharing.

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