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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Fitch Brew Co Launches The Uk’s First Sparkling Cold Brew Tea

Yorkshire based soft drinks brewery unveils two new flavours: rosehip, hibiscus & elderflower and chamomile & ginger!

FITCH Brew Co an innovative soft drinks brewery based in Yorkshire, has launched the UK’s first ready-to-drink Sparkling Cold Brew teas flavoured with Rosehip, Hibiscus & elderflower and Chamomile & Ginger.

Having successfully launched the brand’s range of five Cold Brew coffees, which includes the UK’s first canned Cold Brew coffee flavoured with Blood Orange, FITCH is extending its reach and creating a soft drinks movement into Cold Brew tea.

FITCH’s Cold Brew teas are 100% natural and with zero caffeine these teas provide the ideal refreshing drink no matter whether you are looking to cool down during the day or are powering down in the evening.

Made using premium loose-leaf tea which are then infused with a unique a unique blend of flavours. Rosehip is thought to boast the immune system & support digestion and Hibiscus reduces blood pressure and even aid weight loss, whilst Chamomile & Ginger are renowned for helping inflammation and calming properties.

Using a premium loose-leaf tea, FITCH’s Cold Brew is infused with 100% natural ingredients to produce a refreshing twist, before carbonation. The production all takes place here in the UK, in their Yorkshire brewery. Cold Brewing replaces heat with time, this process results in fewer tannins and a naturally sweeter flavour. Cold water extracts a different flavour balance than when using hot flavour extraction.

The carefully monitored and innovative brewing process brings out all the natural flavours in the loose tea, as the tanks are filled with purified cold water and left to brew over 16 hours.

The carbonation process is used to produce the end result; a full flavoured, sparkling and refreshing Cold Brew tea.

Emily Fitch-Deeley and Andy Deeley, Founders of FITCH say’s “We are a pioneering soft drinks brewery on a mission to disrupt tradition. We want to forge a new path within Cold Brewing, which has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years and is now booming in the UK.”

Cold Brewing is a pioneering brewing method that creates an integrity within the flavour profile.

“At FITCH, we’re applying our proven Cold Brewing technique to our new range of sparkling teas and are excited to continue to inspire with our flavour combinations.”

FITCH’s range include two Cold Brew teas, as well as five Cold Brew coffees, all of which are vegan friendly, no/low sugar, and can be found across UK distributors, as well as a number of national chains and direct from and Amazon. Prices will vary depending on retailer.

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