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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Fantastic Plastic – How Reusable Tableware Makes Your Life More Sustainable

Plastic and sustainability? Yes indeed, they match perfectly depending on the correct handling of plastic products. Consumers need to understand the responsibility they have by using plastic only once. Reusable instead of disposable products such as plastic cups, are not only versatile but also have benefits in terms of sustainability.

The material offers so many opportunities to make everyday life more sustainable.

Nowadays the discussion about plastic and its impact on the environment is more current - and heated - than ever. Disposable plastic pollutes the sea and is often thrown into the environment instead of being responsibly recycled. The lifestyle of always being on the go results in a take away society – and this calls for sustainable solutions. It might sound contradictory, but reusable products made of plastic can be one answer: Because plastic is one of the most sustainable materials if handled properly. 

It is even more sustainable than glass or porcelain – mainly because of its durability, but also because production energy is saved as the processing temperatures of plastic are significantly lower than those of glass and porcelain. And due to their light weight there is also less energy needed for transportation. Also the versatile recycling possibilities for products made of plastic make a significant contribution to the environment protection and prevention of resources. The correct handling of plastic is key in order to not pollute the environment. Therefore it is important to always keep in mind that plastic does not mean obligatorily disposable.

Using reusable tableware instead of disposable options can make a huge difference with regards to waste. Are you a person that loves to buy a beverage to take away? Just calculate for a second how many disposable cups you usually buy per month. In the UK 7 million disposable coffee cups are used every day although there are affordable and ecofriendly alternatives.

Here are some tips on how reusable tableware makes your everyday life more sustainable. 

First of all, get yourself a reusable cup instead of using disposable cups for your morning coffee or tea. Those cups are available in many different colours and designs so that you can choose your favourite one, let it be filled at a coffee shop and take it with you all day. In terms of lunch you do not have to decide on disposable packaging. There are many bowls with lids on the market which enable to let your lunch directly be filled in your bowl at the counter – so no more plastic waste. These are just two ways on how to avoid waste caused by disposable plastic with regards to eating and drinking that would have a very positive effect on the environment if everyone did so. 

Reusable plastic tableware also offers many advantages in the communal catering. Being especially light and sturdy, it relieves the staff and does not cause any shards when falling to the ground. Fewer breaks means long durability and less need for replacements which also means less waste and less need for producing new products. 

So the good news is: In the end it is not plastic that is causing the environmental problems – we as consumers have enough options to choose sustainable alternatives over non-sustainable ones. Everyone can make a difference – why not start today?

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