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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Product Launch: Fast-track your sales with the Flipdish self-serve kiosks.

After signing up more than 1000 restaurants to their white-label online ordering solutions, the latest product range from Flipdish provides restauranteurs with cutting-edge self-serve technology that is stylish and functional, encapsulating smart design and customisation.

The new 32”, 22” and 15” kiosks releasing vary from free-standing, wall-mounted and tabletop options and will be on display at the 2019 Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo, stand A200.

The quick-service and casual dining restaurant sector is at a crucial stage for widespread adoption of self-serve kiosk technology. Self-serve is becoming the norm in ticketing, health, transport, banking and more. The Flipdish self-serve kiosks bring the physical and digital experiences together and provide customers with convenience and choice. Diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience. Independent restaurants and chains are already competing in a tech-enabled market which has been disrupted by third-party order and delivery apps. Flipdish believes that restaurant self-serve technology is here to stay and will become mainstream in the near future. Restaurants need to consider their options, whether it be to migrate to a totally cashless environment or incorporate a blended environment of self-serve and cashier transactions.

Flipdish knows how essential it is for their kiosks to be user-friendly. By providing a technology that customers are accustomed to, in this case, the mobile-interface, you are creating a familiar and comfortable environment for customers interacting with your business. After months of research, development, and testing, Flipdish is confident in the product they are bringing to market.

Why a Flipdish kiosk is the one for you:

Quick and easy setup: we take care of everything from the hardware, software and installation.
Intuitive backend: manage your shop settings, menus and discounts from within the Flipdish portal.
Automated orders: receive orders directly into your Flipdish portal, your ordering terminal or your existing EPOS. 
Processing payments: you can accept card payments at the kiosk with ease. A Flipdish EMV is included, so there’s no need to create new merchant accounts.

Quick-service restaurants have the difficult task of keeping younger generations engaged by providing a business model based on value, speed and convenience. They must do this in a way which encourages repeat customers by ensuring the highest standard of service at all touchpoints in a transaction. Millennials, in particular, say a self-ordering kiosk improves the guest experience. Businesses can be reluctant to change due to fearing the implementation of complex and expensive infrastructure as well as a fear of disrupting the physical outlet. It is worth weighing up the risks to your business, considering as well that not moving with the times in itself can be damaging.
 Some of the commercial benefits of self-serve Kiosks:

Reduced Ordering Time:

The menu is easy to navigate and the visuals provide useful detailing for customers placing an order.

Increased order accuracy

Customers have more control over how their order is input, meaning less chance for missing items, inaccurate customisations, etc.

Reduced labour costs:

Changes to the front-of-house structure may allow you to cut back on staff or hours or redirect their skills to other areas of business.

Altering of menus in real-time:

Promote or discount items to move stock or favour certain foods which bring in higher profits. Printed menus offer much less flexibility and become too clogged up and out-dated.

Growth in order values:

Restauranteurs can programme strategic upselling messages based on customer purchase behaviour, targeting key moments for impulse buys.

“Flipdish is aware of the needs of restauranteurs and is committed to helping them adopt this new self-service technology and adapt their processes in order to better compete in the restaurant and takeaway industry”- CEO of Flipdish, Conor McCarthy.

About Flipdish

Founded in 2015, the Flipdish mission statement reads: “To be the market leader for white-label online ordering globally, with a focus on customer and employee success.”

Flipdish is one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe. At Flipdish we build customised food ordering websites and apps that increase online sales for food businesses. Flipdish enables restaurants to directly accept online orders and manage their online presence and operations, without having to list on aggregator platforms. 

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