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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Take the Lead in a Changing World

The anti-plastic revolution is gaining traction. Consumers are becoming more aware, governments are seeing the light and brands will soon feel the repercussions if they ignore it.

There is no denying that plastic is one of the defining inventions of our time. The low production cost and versatile range of applications make plastic a convenient (and cost-effective) comfort in the modern-day, and in business. The problem, of course, outweighs the benefits and our oceans are the proof. 
Over the years, humans have obtained a very destructive habit. The convenience of single-use items (use once and throw away) has led to horrendous environmental damage. But, we’re not writing this to instil fear and a sense of doom and gloom into your minds, we’re writing this to tell you that a simple shift in mindset, a change in habit, can bear the most remarkable results. 
One of the most widely used, wasteful and frivolous single-use items in your industry, is straws. By choosing a more sustainable, reusable alternative, you will be able to do your part for the environment without compromising your bottom line. In fact, your business can benefit greatly by choosing reusable items such as reusable RESTRAWS: 
Although there is an initial cost, by investing in our quality reusable straws, you will save money in the long run. You will be buying fewer straws that last longer/forever. TIP: don’t serve every drink with a straw, only those that need it (e.g. your double-thick blueberry cheesecake smoothie) or only upon request.
They are easy to clean, as they come with free cleaning brushes and are dishwasher safe.
Switching to reusable straws makes a statement and shows your customers that you are being sustainable, thus building positive brand affinity
Your customers will have a favourable consumer experience (e.g. consumers tend to have a negative experience with paper straws as they unravel before their drink is done).
You have less overall waste.
RESTRAWS can be custom branded, offering an additional way to market your establishment. And last but not least, they will add a sense of style and elegance to your drinks. Be part of the revolution and lead the way. You have the opportunity to educate your customers and drive a much-needed change in consumer, and business behaviour. 
Rethink. Reuse. Reset. RESTRAW.
RESTRAW is a premium reusable drinking straw company offering the most comprehensive range of quality glass, stainless steel, and bamboo straws.

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